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Subject:  Re: Oopss....error...error Date:  10/27/2009  12:49 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  21440 of 116885

"Aetna's Ron Williams can get his cool $24 million dollars in compensation and it won't even warrant a casual mention from you."

Nope...that is about $1/ chop his compensation to zero, and your policy goes down $1/year! Lib math at work!......hee hee...

"Golden Parachutes and lifetime paychecks."

Heck, you better show me a link that he has 'lifetime paychecks'. I'd bet once he is fired, that's it.

" You can't show me any government executive that pulls in this kind of money."

Sure can. Al Gore....makes hundreds of millions selling his hysteria....and a Nobel Prize is worth at least 1.4 million in income according to recent studies. Hmmm...Al Gore....Obama.....good for 1.4 million in extra income for doing nothing but being themselves?

Has any gov't executive done anything to invent new cures, come up with more efficient healthcare? Quite the opposite..throw money at things......waste money. Heck, it is not their money. No accountability. Massive welfare fraud. Massive Medicare fraud. Who really cares in the gov't? The bigger the budget, the bigger their department, the more employees they can hire, the higher up the pay ladder they get.

" Hey, let's not even talk about the anti-trust exemptions for health insurers?"

WHich is, what, sharing information on claims history? Making sure folks don't scam two insurance companies at the same time? Weeding out fraud and abuse in the system?

YOu've been listening to Pelosi too much as she and Reid attempt to 'punish' the health care companies for not signing on to ObamaCare..... want to gut the ability of state regulators to control linsurance rates? That is what is done under than 'anti trust' many states...duh!...

So you are against state control of insurance rates? Sounds like you want a total fed takeover. Can't have states controlling things. They need to be punished. SOme of them are not dem states. They have to go. All of them. Only fed control of everything.

Yep...the lib dems are crazy. Willing to let 'big brother' decide everything after signing over their paychecks, and they get an allowance based upon what some gov't official 'decides' they need according to a formula. Need that social justice redistribution in place, so everyone can have a big flat screen TV, gold plated health care, and a big dependency on the gov't. No private retirment accounts...they have to go.....will be taken into SS......IRAs, 401Ks......the gov't needs that money. No private't needs that too....

It's going to get messy. We have all this 'redistribution' to get underway.

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