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Subject:  Re: Oopss....error...error Date:  10/28/2009  4:21 PM
Author:  cevera1 Number:  21453 of 73702

The link I provided shows the differences.

I knew you would provide that link as a source and I LINKED it before you in the hope (vain of course) that you might actually examine it.

You might as well compare the workforce of IBM with McDonalds. It's not a valid comparison and many economists have taken issue with this Reagan Institute....urrr Cato institute study.

The composition of the federal workforce is much different than that of the US as a whole. The number of jobs that require degreed individuals for federal government is MUCH higher than that of the US population in general. Just to be an FBI field agent you must have a bachelors degree. When I worked at NSA - every federal employee held a bachelors degree. All had to be approved for a Top Secret Security Clearance. Do fast food workers need that type of education? Just think of the different operations the federal government oversees. The department of Energy. Sandi