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Subject:  Re: Oopss....error...error Date:  10/28/2009  7:55 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  21455 of 87190

"You might as well compare the workforce of IBM with McDonalds. It's not a valid comparison and many economists have taken issue with this Reagan Institute....urrr Cato institute study."

I'd bet that 80% of all government jobs only require a high school diploma or GED. We can start with the tens of thousands at the IRS answering telephones, and at SS, and the tens of thousands of 'clerks' and secretaries. Tell me they need 'college degrees' and I'll laugh you out of town.

"The composition of the federal workforce is much different than that of the US as a whole."

I doubt it. You have some college people, but lots of 'workers' who don't need top education. I worked for many companies that had 10-15% exempt, and the rest were hourly workers. Worked for Motorola in Schaumburg IL.....2500 factory workers....300 engineers. Do the math. Of those 2500 factory workers, I'd bet that back then 30% never finished high school, and only 5% were in management - and most of them just had high school degrees and years of experience. Nothing more.

Same at my second job - in Lynchburg VA...maybe 120 engineers...and 2500 factory workers making two way radios.

You think that 'non government jobs' are all at McDonalds? hee hee....don't forget to tell the airlines, the UAW, the teachers union, the construction unions, all the city workers, etc.

"The number of jobs that require degreed individuals for federal government is MUCH higher than that of the US population in general."

OK> some some statistics.....on the actual breakdown of the federal workforce, education level required...and you might have some hope of proving your side of your story.

" Just to be an FBI field agent you must have a bachelors degree."

Yep,and FBI agents are far and few between, and most of the folks working for t