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Subject:  Re: Oopss....error...error Date:  10/28/2009  10:45 PM
Author:  cevera1 Number:  21456 of 73770

OK> some some statistics.....on the actual breakdown of the federal workforce, education level required...and you might have some hope of proving your side of your story.
percentage of civilian workforce with bachelor degree or higher

2005 32.4%
federal workers with a bachelors degree or higher

2005 43%

Eighty percent of government employees are managerial and professional, compared with only 25 percent in the private sector. So, management opportunities abound in everything from human resources to finance, research to public relations, and technology to art, with jobs throughout the United States and the world. You might manage public housing or an embassy, an airport or disability services, a park or a prison, urban renewal, or healthcare reform. Also, many government positions involve collaborations with the private or nonprofit sectors.

Nearly 75 percent of federal workers have an associate/bachelor/post graduate degree or some college education, compared to 54 percent in the private sector.

Want to compare service level industries salaries with government salaries? Even tougher. All of those folks working at Taco Bell, McDonalds, Dry Cleaners, Cleaning services, etc, you won't find working for