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Subject:  Re: Question for intercst Date:  11/22/2009  6:14 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  21766 of 116885

Art: "A lot of old geezers are buying Harley Davidson Motorcycles now. Last night we had dinner with one of Bonnie's cousins and her husband, Age 62, just bought a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle for $23,000. It weighs 900 lbs and it cost more than a lot of new cars.

A lot of old guys always had a dream of driving a big expensive motorcycle. It the damn thing ever fell over they couldn't pick it up."

A lot of people want the car they couldn't afford in their youth (or motorcycle or ? ).....

The 'collectors' curve changes...the 50s cars were hot...'57 Chevy and the like....but those folks aged and got into their 70s..and 80s...and stopped driving, and stopped having fun working on the cars...

Now, it is the baby boomers buying up 60s cars..although they are retiring and moving on to other things. The 60s car collector peak is now headed down.

Soon it will be the 70s cars.....if there were any good ones in that decade. I remember disasters like the Pinto, the Yugo, the Chevy 4 cylinder aluminum block engine Vega that was a real turkey and similar. Ford Vans......

The Hippie vans (VWs...) and other things are past history.......

Now, many who want the old look bought the PT Cruiser..that satisfied a bunch..old car...things worked and had the modern accessories.

I had a 65 Mustang...good car in its time. 289 V8 four speed manual..... but light in the rear end.......... was nice to own it then, but I wouldn't want to keep one running. It had bias ply tires good for 20K miles. It needed tune ups every year - standard ignition of the times. Went through mufflers and exhaust systems..leaded gas..... I had an 8 track tape player added in...just had AM/FM radio.

I spend my money on ham radio ones..not old ones.

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