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Subject:  Re: Question for intercst Date:  11/23/2009  10:10 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  21772 of 117706


I hate 'first class' hotels. Every time you turn around, someone has a hand out expecting a tip. They expect $5 or $10 for walking you to your room and turning on the light, and maybe opening the blinds.....

The restaurants are twice the normal price and breakfast will set you back $20. Oh, but you might get a freebie USA Today outside your door! WOrse, half of them only have 8 channels on the TV and not Fox Cable Channel. CNN and local broadcast stations and the movies they try to sell you for $12.95 each.

I'd rather stay in a hotel located a block off the main drag, with all sorts of moderate price places to eat nearby. Maybe even free parking instead of $20/day to park in the 'hotel garage'. (if I have a car).

I drive about 30,000 miles a year. Stay in lots of SUper 8 motels, Motel 6s (they are doing well and upgrading nicely), Days Inn, and similar. I skip the Hiltons upscale places for sure. I don't need a bellboy to wheel my 20 lb suitcase up to the room via the elevator. For $5.

Went to a convention in Denver.....the convention hotel was about $200/ 20 bucks a day for parking..... I stayed 0.7 miles away at a nice Econolodge for $60/night and free parking. Five minute bus ride to the 16th street mall, or 12 minute walk. you gotta be just dumb to pay $880 for 4 nights for a room in which you spend maybe 3hours a day awake. Oh...but those 8 pillows and super comforter - hee hee.....things that are totally useless.

I could stay at the high price hotel. I choose not to. I got out to see a bunch of the 16th street mall for dinner.....and had a fun time. Did the same thing a year ago when they had the convention in Sacramento, CA.....

For 20 years, I traveled with my frugal travel friend Sue....we stayed at some very nice places in Mexico, and all over the Caribbean - probably where more Europeans stayed than Americans.....they are thriftier travelers. Nice smaller hotels. Usually surrounded by nice places to eat (not tourist rip off places).

Same thing on my trips to can blow $100/night easy for a 'resort hotel'. One town, I stayed 'next' to the $200/night hotel. I was paying $23/night, and 2 blocks from the main 'food court' for the town, where I could eat dinner for $5 - nice 3 or 4 course meal. At the upscale hotel, you couldn't even get a cup of coffee for that. And, as in the US, you can't own the beach, so I could sit on the hotels beach if I wanted, but the public beach was just as nice.

I found if you stay at the snootier hotels, you mean snootier travelers....and I have more fun meeting normal folks out enjoying themselves.

Yeah, I could 'afford' first class.....but its a pain, and you run into too many folks in 'too much of a hurry' to 'do too many things' they travel with a list of 'gotta see' things, see them, then hurry back to the bar to drink and drink.....

Reminds me of the cruise ship deals...6 ports in six days...they shuffle off 1000 'tourists' to the shopping areas of six different ports so folks can buy 'duty free' garbage and trinkets.....and high prices and dubious quality.

No thanks to that.

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