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Subject:  Re: Question for intercst Date:  11/23/2009  10:46 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  21785 of 116417

"Tele, that was the best post you have ever written. I would enjoy more posts about your travels.

Thanks, Art"

Well, I could tell you about the trip to Hawaii.......about 10 years ago..... in NOvember - after the summer tourists had gone home, before the winter tourists arrive. Best time.....

I needed to make radio contacts from the five Hawaiian counties......which means I needed to hit Molokai, Hawaii (the big island), Honolulu, and Kauai....

So I flew to Honolulu.....stayed at a hotel about 400 feet from the beach...easy quick walk...and the beach is you can camp out wherever you want.....I was near Waikiki.

I had a rental car to get around, so I got out of the city (Honolulu is horribly crowded and horrible traffic jams. I went north to Haunama Bay - superb snorkeling and scuba diving there..... I had been scuba diving there 20 some years before on a very short trip there before. So just went skin diving. THe fish are six feet down.

Went up to the north end of the island .....and took a glider ride with young female pilot over the north end...that is where the 30-40 foot surf comes in during the winter...nothing going on but 6-8 foot waves. The glider pilots accumulate hours. You rent the glider by the hour, and the pilots get whatever you tip them. I guess when they get so many hours, they can go for higher ratings, etc. Nice hour long ride. Left nice tip of course.

The restaurants were 3/4 empty. The buffet place guy told me - that a month ago, the line was 500 feet long wrapping around the outside of the building. That day it was 10 feet long inside. Good time to go.

I met up with ham buddy on Oahu.....he worked for university there. we yakked a few hours.

Found some good places to operate on the ham radio....after seeing the sights (Pearl Harbor, the Bishop museum, etc) it was off to Kauai.

I checked in at the motel and Clarence, local county hunter, showed up. He and wife were tour bus drivers for Roberts- the largest tour bus operator in HI.....we went out to dinner. Naturally, he knew the island like the back of his hand....told me where to go, and most importantly when to go to avoid the hordes from the tour buses!....great..... so went sightseeing.

The best place to operate the ham radio was in a beach area. Talked with real interesting character there - he lived in his van - worked maybe 4 months a year....accumulated enough to take off for the rest of the year. Spent most days at the beach area - it had nice showers, full rest room, and great beach. He had friend who let him park his van at night in quiet spot so he could sleep at night. LBYM to the max...oh, and free healthcare in HI since his income was 'so low' - hee hee......

Well, after a week in Kauai.....back to HOnolulu, then over to Molokai....the place where Kalawao of the counties in HI.

Kalawao is the leper colony on can 'be' in a part of it at the top of the cliffs, but 99.99% of the county is down below, on 1000 foot high very steep cliffs..that was the idea..they dumped you there by ship, and you stayed there isolated for over a hundred way to get out.

Later they cut a mule train down. Well, maybe you have heard of Father DAmien..and they invented sulfa drugs which arrested the place stays there as a restricted area until the last 'resident' passes on to the holographic universe.

Nice traffic light on the whole island. Naturally had rental car...drove end to end on island - 3 hours.....

Visited ham on Molokai...he was retied living there with his wife....we had good 4-5 hour yak session. Only active full time resident on the island of 2500....not much to do there but tourist trade. big thing is the 'Molokai Mule Ride' down to kalawao....all day trip....I skipped need to reserve months ahead, and its a back basher....

Molokai has very very big meth problem. No jobs. People are 3rd generation welfare....the 'native Hawaiis' and they are 'entitled' to live off the tourist revenues because they are so don't get decent education. No industry. Pineapples moved to Philippines. Coffee moved out....nothing there. Tourists never came in large quantities. Airport runway too short .....and cruise ships cannot deep water port.....

Then after 4-5 days it was back to HOnolulu, then over the Big Island...rented car of course....went to Volcanoes National Park and explored that for 2 days. Explored rest of island. While there I stumbled upon the Sue Grafton Mystery one out this month..well December..... U is for Undertow.....she started at hooked..have read all of them but the last one now.

Made it up Mona Kea...where the big telescopes are.....

Had thanksgiving dinner on the Big Island, then caught the big bird back home to Dallas.

And that was the HI trip.....wasn't super avoid the Hiltons, and its no different that stateside......maybe a bit more since lots is imported.

Had fun. Met lots of locals. That's fun when you travel. You go on a cruise ship, do the fast 'I'm here lets see something quick' and leave, socialize with all the others just like you on the ship from similar backgrounds....well...that isn't meeting locals....

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