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Subject:  Re: ..'Hell Bent'.. Date:  11/28/2009  11:38 AM
Author:  huibs Number:  1469790 of 2207080

At this point, the reasons for going to war in Iraq are increasingly becoming irrelevant.

..perhaps, except that if the history is not studied and understood, we'll simply repeat the mistakes in the future..

..we must "never forget"..

..bush started war planning for Iraq before 9/11 ever happened.. fact, 9/11 was merely the catalyst needed to convince us to go to war there..

..bush "fixed the intelligence" to support the war in Iraq..

..bush lied, and thousands of US servicemen died, and several hundred thousand Iraqis died, and millions were displaced..

..bush "moved the goal posts" depending on need, first we entered Iraq for WMD's (although strangely, we didn't prepare for protecting those WMD's when found, sorta like we knew they wouldn't be there)....etc, etc..

..remember, sadam tries to buy uranium from Niger?..

..or the "aluminum tubes proof"??..

..or the WMD's shipped to Syria?..

..or sadam was involved with 9/11 terrorists?..

..or that the US is obeying the Geneva conventions?.. about Jessica Lynch?...or Pat Tillman?.. about Paul Bremer telling us, "The Iraqi people are now free."..

..or "god" told Bush to invade Iraq..

..I could go on and on, and on, but just when do we want to stop forgetting, at what point does this all become "irrelevant"??.. me, we need to INCREASE our examination of the war in Iraq, we need to hold the Bush administration accountable, and heads should "literally" roll..
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