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Subject:  Re: Bonds & Fixed Income Investments: FAQS Date:  12/16/2009  11:55 PM
Author:  jackcrow Number:  29507 of 35835

the spirit of THIS post was the reason I came to the board.

IMHO, the spirit that created the FAQ is still here it was a group effort trying to flesh out a starting point. Many folks have passed through looking for answers or dialog, some have stayed. The spirit that still lurks here is the spirit of TMF days gone by, Fools helping Fools.

If you don't like my answer or Charlie's or anyone else' based on sound understandings of your system then skim and move on. If your question wasn't answered clearly or you feel that the conversation that followed left the path you want/need chime in and steer us blabber-keyboarders back on topic. We all have our blind spots and our stumping points, a friendly kick in the drawers will do most of us some good.

One issue we are stuck with is that bond investing hasn't, in the past, been as freely available nor has it had the same clarity into the process as stocks. There are few places