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Subject:  Re: UPS screwing customers at Christmas Date:  12/21/2009  7:55 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  22304 of 116911

intercst: "you'll be relieved to know that Dodd's $100 million payoff will go to the Uconn Health Center in Farmington -- a wealthy area West of Hartford home to many insurance executives. It's not like a bunch of poor people, or God forbid, illegal aliens will benefit."

Well, that really wasn't a buy off for Dodd...he just figured he was dishing out so much money, he was entitled to another measly 100 million for his state......

And I'm sure Pelosi got some special favors...maybe for her hubby's interest in Guam? give special tax breaks for him? She's done it time and time again.

There are 2047 pages of pork and fine print in the bill......which should take a normal person about 25 pages to write..... the rest are fine print for special interest groups all over the place.

I'd bet a few billion stick to ACORN and SEIR for 'community organizing' those 10 billion in 'community clinics'...that will never get really built and will provide maybe 3 million dollars in services for the 10 billion thrown at them. The rest will end up in lib dem coffers in the next election campaign, pay for the buses to get the purple shirts to the various political rallies, etc....

intercst, you really didn't think this was about actual health care reform? That's the last thing on the lib dems minds. It's about tax and spend and new entitlement programs that aren't funded, relying on medicare cuts that won't get made.....

It's about 2030 pages of handing out grants, building another 1 million person federal bureaucracy, keeping 50,000 new lawyers and lobbyists busy, and red tape forever. You'll have 100,000 new people fighting the fed bureaucracy on medical claims......

But, then again, it is going to be 1.5 million 'new jobs' created that produce nothing but paperwork and red tape.....and suck billions in actual productivity out of the economy.


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