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Subject:  Re: Equity Indexed Fixed Annuities - Pros/Cons Date:  1/2/2010  10:04 AM
Author:  mfltcipro Number:  237 of 294

Dueceman1, in 2010, everyone qualifies for a Roth "Conversion" or a "partial" Roth Conversion, no income limits for this year. Pay the tax now (can be spread over 2 years) or pay it later at possiblly higher tax brackets...most agree taxes will be on the rise to cover our "party animal" congress and white house, another story. The future tax savings on income received at retirement from your retirement accounts could be substantial. It should, at least, be a serious consideration. Get your bean counters to work for you on that one. Equity index annuities can be a great vehicle for retirement with monies that you no longer wish to have at "market" risk. Especially, if you intend to leave a substantial portion of assets to future generations...check out the EIA's multi-generational beneficiary arrangements combined with the Roth IRA's. May be more than enough rason to do the Roth conversion. Can make your children and grands super wealthy. Zero downside unless you bail-out (surrender account values) befo