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Subject:  Re: George Bush Was Right Date:  1/5/2010  2:55 PM
Author:  CountUptoten Number:  22566 of 116911

Trying to trivialize the threat airliner bombings represents is ludicrous.

What's worse? Panicing (and attempting to panic those around you) about an improbable threat scenario, or making fun of the foolish idea that is dreamed up in panic, and later defended, then manipulated when that idea is proven not so scary?

We were very lucky that the recent lap bomb and the shoebomb didn't go off. Both should have killed hundreds.

Hundreds? Really? What leads you to believe that?


I am reminded ot the McCarthy era Red scare. Now it's the Islamic Terrorist era scare. Tele is too young to remember the 50's, but he would have fit right in, fighting imaginary enemies.

What bummed me out in the 50's was the laws passed to get rid of Mad Comic book, and its sister pub, Cracked. The magazine substitutes just weren't the same. Surely one of the least effective ways of combating the dreaded Commies.

Count Uptoten
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