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Subject:  Re: USSC Expands 1st Amendment Rights Date:  1/21/2010  5:09 PM
Author:  CountUptoten Number:  22872 of 117450

Phil: You know I love you dearly and plan to take you up on that offer of a proper cuppa one day, but since you're a furriner you lack our native instinct for unfettered speech. I pretty much think the more noxious the speech, the more it should be heard. No doubt this is due in some part to coming from Topeka, home of Fred Phelps and the Westoboro Baptist Church, whose hateful speech has done more positive things for gay people in the political arena than years of lobbying and rational approaches to people.

First of all, why is this being discussed here? Why not at PA where this sort of stuff reigns supreme.

Secondly, I disagree with Judge Roberts and the majority that corporations are people and therefore included in the protection of the first ammendment.

Count Uptoten
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