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Subject:  More of my story Date:  2/2/2010  5:52 PM
Author:  bangar8 Number:  2249 of 2283

As a reminder, I initially had a round of Clomid+IUI that did not yield any results.
We decided at that point to skip a cycle and go for IVF the next round. Which we did. The IVF yielded 9 eggs of which 6 got fertilized. Unfortunately none of them were rated very well. On a scale of A to F (A being the best quality), 3 were D and 3 were F. I was implanted the 3 Ds.
As expected, it did not result in pregnancy. And the other 3 were discarded.
After a few days, we went back to the doctor to discuss the next round of IVF. At that point, the doctor suggested that we wait one more month for IVF (i.e. a total of two months gap between the first and second rounds) due to some large cysts in my ovaries.

I agreed but asked him if in the meantime I could have the HSG test done, just to rule out the possibility that my tubes might be blocked. The doctor was not very enthusiastic about it. For one thing, he felt that since I had two normal pregnancies in the past (5 yrs and 3 yrs ago, with the second ending in miscarriage), he thought it unlikely that there is a problem in my tubes. For another, he said that IVF anyway bypasses the tubes. But, I insisted because I wanted to get the cheaper option out of the way. He said ok and I got the test done.

Luckily, the test was not painful for me, unlike for some on this board.
Anyway, there were no blockages in the tubes. The doctor who performed it said that even if there were no blockages, the dye that is injected would have cleared any debis in my tubes. And she also mentioned that many women get pregnant within 4 months of this test.

Anyway, the time to start my next IVF rolled around. I had an appointment for the expected second day of my periods and they had not yet started. I took a home pregnancy test and saw it was positive. Still very skeptical, I went into my doctor's office. They did a blood test and confirmed it.
From then onwards, I have been keeping my fingers crossed and am now 21 weeks pregnant. I really think that the HSG has helped - ofcourse just speculation on my part.

I am sharing this news on fool first on this board as a mark of gratitude to everyone who was supportive and helpful to me. Also to give hope to others that the unexpected can happen.

Thank you everyone for being there when I needed it. Still keeping my fingers crossed as I seem to be extra apprehensive this pregnancy but hoping it will turn out well.
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