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Subject:  Re: Win the lottery...and keep working? Date:  3/10/2010  8:09 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  1362 of 1845

My grandparents never owned a home. Just rented. They lived on SS. He had been in business his whole life. Might have had a CD.

HE got bored and worked in a theater as a ticket taker. Got him out of the house and socializing. The theater had a regular clientelle of weekday goers so he got to most of them ......and they said hi and exchanged a few words.

He had a car but didn't drive that much - lived in NY City most of his life, but moved just outside to be able to have the car.

definitely 'low on the hog' for him, but then again, they didn't need much or want much. THey didn't travel, and a big trip was visiting the kids for a 10 mile trip. When he got up near 80, he sold the car, and we went and visited.

HOwever, in his younger days, he was successful business man and had cars in the mom had a piano which was an expensive toy at the time. I don't think he accumulated a lot of savings because you could live on SS back in the 1950s and 1960s.

There also wasn't as much stuff to buy! About the only appliance in the apartment, other than a stove and refrigerator, was a black and white TV set!

They went to a laundromat to do the clothes, or washed them in the sink.

All I remember in their apartment was some furniture..China cabinet, dining room/kitchen table (small) and that was about it. They probably had a record player/radio combination. No cable. No internet. No list of appliances like dryers and microwaves and HDTV sets and other things. I don't think they ever bought a color TV set.

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