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Subject:  Re: Just a question... Date:  3/12/2010  1:21 PM
Author:  GardenStateFool Number:  2263 of 2283

Answer: It depends what's wrong. At the beginning, you end up going through a lot of testing. Some of those tests are time sensitive, some of those are somewhat uncomfortable, some of them are just emotionally draining.

Also, there's a lot of monitoring. Many specialists have early-morning hours for monitoring, but there were periods where I had monitoring three times a week, and ended up being semi-late for work those mornings. Sometimes you have to have shots and do something within X hours of that shot.

And sometimes you find out things that you'd rather not find out and end up bawling hysterically in the parking lot for a half hour and just would rather crawl under a rock than talk to anyone. And since the entire thing is a manipulation of your hormones, sometimes you've got less control than usual.

It's been five years, so I don't remember specifically how much time I had to take off, but the rules tend to be: you go when the doctor can see you and you go when you have to be there, yes, because of timing.

Depending on what she's doing, it can be more or less predictable. When I went to full out IVF, for example, things got way easier to plan around, because I had a full schedule of what to expect and how to expect it.

When I was taking Clomid, a drug that induces ovulation, things were a boatload LESS scheduled, I was prone to all kinds of side effects, I had to be monitored periodically, and to top things off, I would get these killer hot flashes and headaches that wiped me out.

Considering those cycles all ended in serious frustration, there was also that day that you find out that no, you're not pregnant... again. Going to work after that sucked.

As for "the whole year" going this way, I would hope for your friend that no, it would only take a month or two and then suddenly she would be fortunate enough to be pregnant. Unfortunately, that's not always the way it goes.

To make a long answer short: I don't know if there is such a thing as "normal" infertility treatments, and some people can handle them far better than others.
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