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Subject:  Re: Dead topic Date:  3/25/2010  6:39 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  5238 of 5269

<<The problem with our country is the fact that no one wants to pay extra taxes, but yet want all the entitlements which are funded solely through taxes.

True, but Social Security is a popular benefit. Even wingnuts have aging parents who get it, so I expect it will be funded one way or another.>>

That may be true. But the impact of those impending deficits is that it will cramp the entire Federal budget and the ability of the Federal government to spend for the things they want to spend for.

If we raise taxes to fund Medicare and Social Security, who will pay and how much? What Federal programs will no longer be funded? Will the US Navy draw the line at Pearl Harbor and the east coast as our sphere of influence?

There are lots of ways of dealing with the issue ---- but no really just or fair way of dealing with it. The just and fair way would have been to charge people for the elderly health care while they were young and working, and to protect those assets so they would be available to do that job.

But that wasn't done. And now the finances of the government in the future and the future of young working people are going to be compromised by taking wealth from them to give to the elderly, who should have been smarter about their political choices, but weren't.

Seattle Pioneer
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