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Subject:  Re: Currency question Date:  3/26/2010  10:39 AM
Author:  NiceI Number:  15119 of 23371

Thanks so much for the info. I hadn't thought of the efficiency thing, but it sounds un-doable anyway since there is little acceptance, so I think the idea has hit the "too much trouble" threshold! I know about the blocking thing-had it happen once on a trip just down to Las Vegas. More a PITA than anything, but still unnerving when you're so far from home.

I'm going in August. Definately going to try to get to some Festival events. Definately want to see the Tatoo. Definately being in Edinburgh during Festival time drives up prices above "normal" from what I've been researching! The hotel & B&B rates are ghastly that time of year! I'll be there 2 weeks total, 4 full days in Edinburgh and surrounds, a day or so in the Sterling area, 3 or 4 days in the Inverness area, then the rest kind of up in the air, except to know I want to hook to the west and hit a couple of islands-Skye, maybe Lewis. I spent 7 weeks in South Africa a few years back and am very intimidated with the driving on the left side thing, so getting around the whole countryside and into the highlands is a bit challenging to my planning with public transportation schedules and all. I know European public transport is generally far superior to anything in America, but I've also been stranded on Crete during a transportation strike, so I know how badly a planned trip can quickly go south due to lack of transportation availability!

Cheers, and thanks again.
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