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Subject:  Re: Paying For Obamacare Date:  3/27/2010  10:54 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  23719 of 116448

"We got too many people now with $10 co pays who go running to the doc for a splinter or cold......" - tele

Tele I'm sorry but that is a very ignorant thing to say. Why would you say something like that? Sure you know better? Doctors don't want us self diagnosing ourselves.

There are very many diseases that mimic one another and the average person isn't knowledgeable enough to differentiate between a viral sore throat and strep throat. Strep can gravitate down into the internal organs and cause serious dammage.

"Just a splinter" can cause serious infection, septicemia, gangrene, etc. Remember the huge ulcer that Henry VIII had in his leg? That was causede by "just a splinter" that happened when he was jousting. It lasted for years and eventually killed him by causing heart dammage.

It is now thought that bad teeth and gums can cause low level bacterial septicemia ultimately turning into heart dammage, athelsclerosis, arterial plaque, etc.

A small discolored irregular mole or purplish red spot could be just skin irritation or it could be melanoma which is deadly. It's what killed my aunt Helen and she put off going to the doctor for 2 months because of a discolored place on her shoulder. It was melanoma. She was 72 years old.

A headache could be just a headache or it could be meningitis or a brain tumor.

I could go on and on. A cough could be just a cough or it could be lung cancer. Blood in the stool could be hemorrhoids or it could be colon cancer.

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