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Subject:  Re: Paying For Obamacare Date:  3/28/2010  2:46 PM
Author:  saunafool Number:  23724 of 117450


Isn't it funny that most French have private insurance policies, above and beyond what the gov't provides.

oh, no one told you the French have to pay part of each medical $10 co pays...likely 30 bucks out of $100 paid from the citizens pockets or via the 'additional insurance' they carry to cover most fo the $30 per hundred the gov't doesn't pay.

My wife is French, we live in Luxembourg, and the medical system here is based on the French system.

The French system is public/private by design. It has been that way for decades. The public insurance is like Medicare with standard reimbursement rates at all medical facilities. Public hospitals and clinics will charge the standard rate. Private practices can charge whatever they want.

That is what the private insurance is for--it covers any medical service charges that are above the standard reimbursement rate. (For example, if you get hit by a bus in front of a private hospital.) It also pays for things like private hospital rooms.

If you are sick, you can go to any practice. If you do not have the supplemental insurance and go to a private practice, you will then have to pay approximately 30% of the cost (rough estimate of the price of private service over public).

You are correct about the co-pay. However, the price is 1 Euro (about $1.37). I think it is far too low, but that is what it is.

And about the supplemental insurance. The insurance companies cannot refuse people based on pre-existing conditions and they cannot drop you if you get sick. When we bought our supplemental insurance, we didn't even need to take a physical or show our medical records. For our family (early 40's, one child), we pay about 50 Euro per month for our private supplemental.

My wife's parents in France (mid 60's, good health, but moderate medical history for both) pay about 125 Euro per month ($180) for their supplemental insurance.

I can also say that the level of care in both Luxembourg and France is fantastic. If you are going to pick on a socialized health system, pick on the British. The French system absolutely rocks.
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