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Subject:  Re: Paying For Obamacare Date:  3/28/2010  5:29 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  23727 of 117694

"The earlier we adopt a single payer system similar to Canada the better off we will be as a country, and the less we will have to spend for healthcare when we do it. However, there are many vested and well funded interests that must be overcome, not to mention sheer ignorance. "

Canada has province by province health care system. Each province takes care of its own medical business and care...and raising the revenues to fund it.

care is uneven across the country.

But then tell me, why to the Canadian politicians always come to the US for the treatments they can't get in their own country?:?????curious minds want to know!

And why to regular canadians, if they can afford it, come across the border and pay for their care in the US, rather than wait for the 'free' but often year long wait for? ...curious minds want to know? WHen you have cancer and will be dead in six months or six weeks, a year wait or denied drugs is a death sentence.

Don't be in too much of a hurry to destroy the US health care system. Remember, they'll go after those 401Ks and IRAs to fund it......just like other countries have done. Give you some promise of an annuity with the money squirreled away in the same lock box that SS and Medicare money is kept at....joke joke....

Then the raise another 300 billion or more a year to fund all the 'social justice' programs. You'll be paying your own health care plus that for 2 or 3 others.

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