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Subject:  Re: Paying For Obamacare Date:  3/29/2010  4:00 AM
Author:  saunafool Number:  23734 of 116388

How many Nazi references did I see about George Bush during his Presidency?

I am violating my rule to ignore any thread that brings the Nazis into it. However, equating health care reform to nazism is ridiculous.

The references during the Bush Administration were related to things like secret prison camps, holding American citizens without trial, torture, wire-tapping, and starting the war in Iraq--all things that can quite easily be associated with a totalitarian regime. It was over the top, and I ignored all "Nazi" threads back then too.

In the case of Obama, the Democrats have just passed a major overhaul to the private health insurance industry. There is NO public insurance, much less hospitals or doctors in the employ of the Federal government included in the plan.

It only has anything to do with the Nazis in the paranoid world of the Tea Party. It is the old "first step" argument--first, they reform the private health insurance, then they create a public option, then the public option is the only option, then they start loading the unproductive people into gas chambers because they can't afford it.

Meanwhile, all of Western Europe has had national health insurance since the end of WWII and somehow they have not drifted into totalitarianism. Instead, people in most Western European nations have a lifestyle on par with Americans, and over the past 30 years, they have been moving towards more free markets.

So, maybe you think it is debate, but it isn't a rational debate of reality. It's a debate about a hyper-paranoid vision of the future that has a very limited and unsupportable basis in history.
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