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Subject:  Re: Yesterday’s Damage? None to Bonds Date:  5/9/2010  4:28 PM
Author:  brucedoe Number:  30790 of 35576


I agree with you entirely. I wouldn't get involved in stocks except for the need to try to keep up with inflation.

Please note that that we have already had the BAC bond for 7 years and the GE bond for 6 years. The interest from these helped us during the bad times during the last decade. Our "safe" money is in CDs. Sadly our 6% and 6+% CDs are maturing and we are not going to be able to renew them at better than half the original rate. But are still getting the 5+% on the GE and BAC bonds.

My father was a CPA, and I know just enough about the theory of accounting to know that a company that is profitable in one theory of accounting may be losing money in another theory. This in fact happened to a company my father helped as a start up - Control Data. First they sold computers and booked the revenue, but, as time went on, gradually they didn't sell computers but leased them. Do you book the whole lease or do you prorate the revenue over the period of a lease? Well Control Data at the beginning of leasing just booked the whole