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Subject:  Re: Yesterday’s Damage? None to Bonds Date:  5/9/2010  10:13 PM
Author:  brucedoe Number:  30792 of 36218


Its funny, but I was never bothered by my bonds until you decided to try to humiliate me (Wait, a predecessor before you by the name of junkman used to do the same thing. Are you junkman by a different name?). I do not trade bonds. I have no intension of selling them. There are those who are expecting raging inflation. Well, I have been expecting raging inflation since 2001. I have no idea why it isn't here. When I bought CDs paying 6%, I fully expected in a year to be buying CDs paying 7 or 8%. Well, instead of that interest rates have fallen alarmingly not increased and you can only get 3% on a 5 yr CD. I am not into bonds for capital gains (Wait, I did have this in mind in buying that 4.5% 30 yr Treasury as I thought the interest rate might go down to 3%, but I am willing to hold it even if that doesn't happen. Currently the rate is below 4.5%.). If trading bonds for capital gains is your objective, fine for you, but it is not my objective.

I have no idea when raging inflation will come. I fully expect it to come some time. But in the meantime, I think the problem is still deflation for the foreseeable future. And that is what seems to have happened.

I'm sorry that I bring out a sneery side of you, but this is my board as well as yours. I was here long before you came, and I'll probably be here long after you have gone on to better opportunities. I don't pretend to be a professional bond trader and have said so a number of times. I'm just a participant who got into corporate bonds in search of yield. If you don't like what I say, you could ignore it. Seems to me that is what you said to another poster.

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