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Subject:  home-based wind turbines Date:  5/16/2010  4:01 PM
Author:  tonyh103 Number:  17511 of 18731

Not an expert by any means, although i've spent over 30 years in the utility industry (gas & electric), but something i've been thinking about.

I know turbines for individuals exist, but i know they are still large and expensive and not for small individual homes. For years, we've had tv antennas and now satellite dishes on homes. How about a small wind turbine about the size of antenna, unobtrusive. I'm not sure, something like this may be in the planning stages somewhere. Of course, it would have to be effecient enough to take what wind there is and turn into enough electricity to make a difference. Combined with solar panels and made affordable, it could make a lot of difference. Could even be adapted for automobiles.

I'm just thinking about the future. What if we had a world without wires or cables or pipelines? Am i a little too much Star Trek here, or could this be possible?

Letting my imagination run wild.

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