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Subject:  Re: Kids not invited to weddings... Date:  5/18/2010  8:26 AM
Author:  nyua Number:  39047 of 42475


I just read this thread since it made it to the "Best of" and I can't believe all the people who believe an invitation to a wedding is about them and having a day out with their family rather than celebrating with the Bride and Groom..

When you are invited to any party.. do you only go if children are invited? dinner parties, new years eve parties, brunches. Do you ever just go alone or do you expect all invitations to include your whole family?

However, a wedding is not about you and your kids.. it is about the Bride and Groom and their family. It is their day not yours.

I have been married for 40 years and if any of my guests did not come because their children were not invited, I would not have missed them. My wedding was a home wedding and no children were invited nor did anyone expect them to be. My how times have changed. I have been to many weddings since and never thought whether children should or should not be there. That decision was left to the Bride and Groom. My decision to go to the wedding had to do if my husband and I wanted to be there not because of who was invited. Destination weddings required the same thought. If they were good friends, we went. If they were relatives that we barely knew holding a destination wdding, we stayed home sending our regrets.

Simple math... a couple wants to have a wedding with 100 people.. Suppose they invite 10 relatives... 20 people... each relative has 3 (some may have more... others less) children... now they have 60 people... they have 10 friends with 2 children... now they 40 guests.. reaching the 100 quota with just 40 adults!!

I think some of your priorities are wrong when receiving a wedding invitation. It is not about you.
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