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Subject:  Re: How much is enough? the sequel Date:  6/13/2010  3:16 PM
Author:  Volucris Number:  4815 of 5245

I'm in the wait and see mode too. Mostly because my job is fun, pays pretty well, and provides me lots of flexibility. But, I still want to be financially independent so I can quit when and if this job changes, as all things do.

I also was living in denial about how having kids and and a wife would delay early retirement. No longer.

Also, the things I loved to do and wanted to do all the time don't have the allure they once did. Why? I don't know. just older I guess. It does drive me to stay in good shape so that I can do other things when/if I retire.

At this point in time my investments are 1.2% above the 12/31/2007 level and 10 times my estimated annual spending, 16 times my 'just get by' level. When I am at 25 times 'just get by' - I'll still have to work, but not all that hard.

Since I'm not retired, the fact that the stock market sucks is actually a good thing, so I try not to sweat it all that much. Supposedly we are 10 years in to 16 years of a market like this.

Finally, and most importantly, a very good friend of mine died from cancer a while ago, completely out the blue and unexpected. So, I spend more money on fun now because there might not be a later.

"People plan and god laughs"

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