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Subject:  FIRE mid-year update 2010 Date:  8/6/2010  8:36 PM
Author:  whyohwhyoh Number:  4883 of 5245

A bit late, but here is a mid-year 6/30/10 update on our retirement goals....

--Net worth up 2% since 1/1/10. Now at 3.5 NW/baseAI at age 36.

Current Portfolio:
23% Picked Stocks
27% 401k Mutual Funds (75% S&P500 index fund)
40% California Real Estate (Our House Value*0.93-Mortgage)
10% Fixed Income (Cash Savings, Money Market)

2010 Notes so far:
Cruising along well this 6 month period. Working towards fully funding a 401k, and watching our mortgage principal slowly reduce. Housing market in our zip code has increased 7.5% over the past 12 months since we purchased, which is a large portion of our net worth, although I only allowed a 3% annual growth in my calculations above. Just moved some stocks around adding large XOM purchase, with 3 top holdings now (BMY, XOM, SBUX). Should build up a nice cash reserve targeting 15% of net worth by the end of the year via some substantial bonuses.

My latest mental game concerning FI is to monitor when we will hit the $500,000 net gain on our home. We would need a ~70% gain from our purchase price. I figure if we can get lucky with a house market recovery over the next 6 years along with continued savings etc. I could hit a NW/AI of 8, which would give us the financial independence needed to be able to make the decision on whether or not to take a pause from the workforce. Go buy a small house in France and chill for a few years. Dreaming.

2009 Update: NW/AI=3.6

2008 Update: NW/AI=3.7

2007 Update: NW/AI=5.3

2006 Update: NW/AI=4.6

2005 Update: NW/AI=3.7

2004 Update: NW/AI=2.5

2003 Update: NW/AI=1.4
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