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Subject:  Re: Last high yield bond bargain? Date:  9/9/2010  9:16 PM
Author:  charliebonds Number:  31469 of 35877


I know nothing about Tenneco Packaging as a company, and there’s plenty of people who post in this forum who are way better industry analysts than me. So my comments on possibly buying Tenneco’s bonds will have to be of a general nature. By way of doing that, let me take violent exception to your lament that you didn’t purchase more of Pru. Rear-view investing doesn’t deserve a second thought. In early 2009, there could be no assurance that prices wouldn’t continue to plunge and that the whole economy wouldn’t go down. And it would have self-destructed if the Fed/Treasury “Plunge Protection” team hadn’t stepped in and hadn’t begun buying behind the scenes in early March.

Yes, in early 2009, we were seeing what seemed to be bargains, and anyone who considers himself or herself a value investor should have been doing some buying. No matter the uncertainties, some buying had to be done. If a person wants to claim that he or she is an investor, he/she has to “walk the walk”, which meant doing a judicious amount of buying, but not so much that ruin would ensue if one’s timing were wrong. Thus, any position initiated had to be small, or else one was just gambling. Yes, in retrospect, all of us would have done well if we had “backed up the truck”. But that is