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Subject:  Young Canuck FIRE Date:  10/10/2010  12:06 AM
Author:  StockNewb Number:  34 of 35

Howdy Guys, I'm looking for opinions, critique and help me realize my goals and make them attainable.

So about me I'm 24 yrs old, I work at Panago Pizza, I'm engaged to a lovely lady :D, I invest $250 a month, I make about $2,000 a month(Hard to calculate exactly because it is so dependent on tips), I'm relativetly new to investing, I like the outdoors and I want to be FI and Retire Early.

My Idea's (Be aware that they are more like a stream constantly changing as I learn new idea's)

I want to be Semi-Retired by the age of 45 in 21 years, I want to move to a small little cabin on a lake with my Fiance and retire from the city life. I expect to take on a small part time/fulltime seasonal job doing something I love (Tackle Shop, Hunting Shop, just anywhere were I can bs with people and low stress enviroment and just make spending/vacationing change.). I expect my investments to make about $30,000 a year so I'll withdraw 50% of my yearly interest to pay my monthly bills (Water/sewer/hydro/w.h.y)

Then I think fully retiring around the age of 75 after I start to find work to strenous and just want to be able to visit/descendants more and relax. When I do that I want to make after interest and taxes about $60,000 a year.

Now that painting was done with broad brushes and is not very exact but it was to give you a picture of one of my goals... Now how I intend to obtain them.

So I think if I choose an agressive portfolio where I average 15% a year for 20 years at my current contribution of $250 a month I will have $374,374 round down to $300,000 just for safeties sake. If I get a little more conservative after retirement