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Subject:  Re: Is health care a right? Date:  10/10/2010  11:01 PM
Author:  justacog Number:  533529 of 875607

A "right" is something people can exercise without taking the life, limb, liberty or property of others against their consent.

It should be noted that this is not the only possible definition of a right, and indeed is not the definition that is used in American law. For example, one has a right to have a lawyer and a jury trial provided to them in a criminal prosecution - government cannot take away your liberties without giving you both a forum and a certain minimum means to contest the charges. Yet both require picking the pocket of the taxpayer, since neither can be provided for free.

The govt is acquiring the taxes to pay for the court costs by consent of the people; it is in no way involuntary pickpocketing as you suggest and is being done exclusively by consent of the governed. The govt will not utilize tax revenue without bound from the people to support any and all cases righteous or not. The people dictate how much they are willing to be taxed to pay for such things via the representatives they vote for. And if the people no longer wish to pay for it, then the only option for govt is the case just doesn't get brought to court and the accused goes free.

The govt doesn't have the right to make lawyers and judges work as indentured servants, nor does it have the right to subjugate the will of the people in this regard to further its own ends. So yes, people have a right to a lawyer and a jury trial within the construct of the society that the people allow to exist. And if the people do not wish to pay for it any more, the only option for the govt is to not bring the case in which one would have the right to a lawyer. That is how things are being decriminalized such as for example cases involving possession of pot.

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