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Subject:  Re: Is health care a right? Date:  10/11/2010  3:57 PM
Author:  ariechert Number:  533611 of 794419

"Does that mean you have a "right" to that treatment? Perhaps not. But that doesn't change that you will get treatment. Since you will get treatment, rather than getting tripped up over the semantics of whether that treatment is a "right" we should focus on how to make that treatment (and other necessary health care) as efficient and cost-effective as possible." - MotleyFooley

The Federal government limits my access to health care. Their interference keeps me from being able to go to the pharmacy and buying any kind of pain relief, antibiotic, chemotherapy, etc. I want. Not only that but their intereference in who can and who can't become a doctor limits my access to doctors. If there weren't so much intereference through regulation and accreditation there would be a whole lot more doctors and I would have much more choice and going to a doctor would be much cheaper.

Humans feel pain, they have emotions an