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Subject:  Re: Is health care a right? Date:  10/12/2010  10:08 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  533697 of 876075

"No it's not. Someone without a television doesn't suffer pain and discomfort. "

Ha...try talking to a teenager after you take away his iPhone, video game, PC, gaming system. It's the end of the world.

Kids can't function without their electronic devices. They go into depression and withdrawal......agony.

Surely you wouldn't deny them the basics?

Heck, in many states, you qualify for a 'free cellphone' if you are indigent. It's a 'necessity'.


"$100,000/year. No one needs to make more money than that to have a good life. "

When Obama agrees to only have $100,000 income between he and his wife, and not make more than that ever after leaving office, and donate all the extra proceeds immediately to the US treasury ($100,000 limit, no deductions, and 100% tax on everything above that)...

I'll believe they are serious.

Until then, when docs have $500,000 debt to get out of medical school, have foregone 12 years of salary to become a doc...... then they deserve to be well paid

I'm not sure those neurosurgeons raking in $3 million or 8 million a year though are necessarily 'worth it'....but if they can manage it, 'the best' in the country'...well, no one should stop them if folks are willing to pay for them. Heck, folks pay 300 million for a painting. You don't need one of those to stay alive.

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