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Subject:  Re: Is health care a right? Date:  10/12/2010  11:54 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  533734 of 876063

"Then start with George Soros, Bill Gates, et al, and as soon as you can get them to earn only $100k/year then come talk to me."

When you convince everyone in Congress to take a $70K paycut immediately, with no 'allowances' for anything, you have some hope of getting others to support you.

Of course, half the administrators in TN would have to be fired or their salaries cut, including likely the Pres of the University where Bonnie works.....

Then we'll start with Obama...and MS Obama....and everyone in Hollywood. Say all the movie actors? Starting with ARHNold, Brittany Spears..... Lady wait, she's British....well, there are thousands more.

THen we move to CNN, CNBC, and one there can make more than 100K...period.....

Next, you'll be confiscating wealth just like a typical 'progressive' out to have 'social justice'. Of course, since you have extra bedrooms, we'll move in a homeless person to your spare bedroom and you can feed him, or her, too....

Yep, we too can be just like North Korea...

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