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Subject:  Re: Is health care a right? Date:  10/12/2010  2:10 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  533756 of 876383

"Oh, and re: regulation of doctors and health care system...I'm glad they have regulations or else someone like Michael Jackson's or Anna Nicole Smith's doctors would be the norm rather than the exception. I would like to think my doctor went into the profession to help mankind and uphold the hippocratic oath rather than just to make money. Am I naive? "

A good percentage of docs will happily over prescribe these days.

Got a kid who is the least bit ansy...well, he probably has ADD or this or that, so give him this med and that one and that one and this one...

and for his helicopter parents....well, they need some Prozac, and probably some viagra to spice up their life, and then maybe this or that.

Folks also expect that for every ailment, symptom, allergy, there is a magic pill that will help them, and demand it.

Watch TV, and all the his? Ask your doc about this or that drug. Got this? Got that? hours a day of 'ask your doctor about XXXX' new drug.

Of course, you also have a lot of other adds...'Did you or a loved one ever take the drug XXXX? You may be entitled to a big settlement and damages'...

Fat pills...fat pills...more diet pills......wrinkle name it...

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