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Subject:  Re: Is health care a right? Date:  10/12/2010  8:41 PM
Author:  lindytoes Number:  533793 of 876452

The doctor examples you cited still went through medical school and may have been "certified" to provide good care. Even they would be the "exception" in a world where anyone could call themselves a "doctor" and "treat" those who are sick using bathtub tonics and tinctures they make at home, some of which might do more harm than good. --MotleyFooley

I was not implying that they are not trained but rather because of regulation they can be fined, or jailed, or whatever. Same thing with mining regulations or oil drilling or whatever. I have been watching the news this evening and it's all about the rescue of the Chilean miners. One analyst said that their regulations are not as stiff as ours and we enjoy a much lower death rate because of our regulation.

But no one wants to talk about "better" government and say that sometimes small is better, and sometimes large is better because the sound bite played in the opposing camp would be that Politician X advocates "big" government or wants to "take away" your big government program. It's frustrating that what drives TV ratings and conversations isn't the 80% I think the people of this country agree upon but the 20% we don't. Or am *I* the one being naive?

You are right and I don't think you are naive, but I don't hold up much hope for politicians fixing anything, especially in this toxic political environment. I don't care what conservatives say, Obama really thought he could make a change in the way gov't was run in DC and bring about bipartisanship...Now there is one naive man.

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