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Subject:  Re: Is health care a right? Date:  10/13/2010  6:24 PM
Author:  wburble Number:  533898 of 795055

Society is not a living breathing being.

True but completely irrelevant. Organizations and groups of people can be thought of as having goals/objectives/obligations. The entire purpose of organization in a society or otherwise is to further a common objective or set of objectives. The fact that there may be differences of opinion about those common objectives does not change the fact that pursuing common objectives of some kind is the purpose of an organized society.

But since you think of yourself as a member of society, I take it that you are personally providing on a regular basis a minimal level of food and clothing to poor folk?

Of course I am, since I pay taxes, and obviously a portion of my taxes are being used by society to feed and clothe the poor.

And sending in extra money to your god, government, so that it can do it as well? After all, you ARE obligated right?

So do you. You pay taxes (if you earn income and adhere to applicable income taxation laws.)

You need to learn how to analyze and argue logically not simply treat everything as some kind of an attack on your perceived notions.

I'm not sure why you're taking issue with the basic notion that there is some minimal level of services government should provide to those who do not have the ability to do for themselves. Even if you