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Subject:  Re: Is health care a right? Date:  10/14/2010  11:31 PM
Author:  AOLFoolman100 Number:  534131 of 875630

Wow, that's a dumb response. These are goals, not powers. The goal of providing a common defense is implemented in the Constitution by the appointment of a Commander in Chief and the power to raise armies and a navy. Where is the enumerated power that allows the government a predominant role in health care. Nowhere, that's where.

The goal of providing common defense is NOT implemented by the appointment of a Commander in Chief. You may have this logic backwards.

Such power is granted by the enumerated powers in Article 3 Section 8 I believe.....which the liberals never talk about or ever touch with a 10 ft pole.

OK, please do not talk about the "providing for the common welfare." This phrase is nothing more than a rhetorical encapsultion of the Constitution. It's not a opening, gaping hole through which you can drive your liberal, socialist agendas through!! The SPECIFIC POWERS given to the Fed Gov's is already outlined in the enumerated powers.

Oh god, I'm having a stroke. It's useless.
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