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Subject:  The Big Buddha Date:  11/4/2010  5:18 PM
Author:  Starrob Number:  275 of 291

Among the coolest things I did in Phuket, Thailand is to go see The Big Buddha. The Big Buddha is incredible and will probably be known as
one of the World's greatest wonders at some point in time. The Big Buddha location is still under construction. I think the statue itself is complete but I could see they are still building a lot of the infrastructure around and under the Big Buddha.

The Big Buddha sits on the top of a big mountain in the middle of a tropical rain forest.

One thing I did not know about Phuket before visiting is that Phuket is located in a fairly mountainous region of the coast in Southern

I was not really expecting some of the mountains that we had to go up and down to get to various regions of the island.

The Big Buddha is located on one of the steepest mountains in Phuket. Going up to the Big Buddha is incredible. It is almost like going
back into time.

We started off in civilization when we started climbing that hill and we slowly when back in time to another age.

For a little while on the way up the mountain, I could see the power lines going to all the houses and businesses but as I go further and further up, I began to see less and less power lines.

I could also see how many of the building structures start to change from modern structures to older style Thai Housing that looks like this the further up the side of the mountain we went:

Finally, we started going up really steep hills where my ears began to pop similar to like when my ears pop when ascending on take off in a airplane. I started noticing that there was no more power lines either. It was like time traveling further and further