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Subject:  Re: Child-free flights? Date:  11/13/2010  4:27 PM
Author:  ChiliChild Number:  16211 of 23300

I have said for years there should be child-free flights and can only hope one day it will come to pass. I also heartily congratulate airlines for removing nuisance passengers and that includes families with unruly children.

As for getting over it, I'll say not until parents become more considerate of other passengers locked inside a metal tube for hours on end. I don't pay hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars to be barraged with top-of-the-lungs vocalizations of some kid whose parent is seemingly oblivious to their precious one's being a public nuisance.

I cannot begin to describe the total frustration of being stuck on a plane with a shrieking kid(or several) that just. will. not. shut. up. The flight from Sydney to LA, all 14 hours of it, was trying enough without three kids in different parts of the coach cabin seemingly playing tag-team-shriek virtually the entire trip. On another flight, from Atlanta to Zurich, I could only marvel (because I sure as h3ll wasn't sleeping!) at the lung power and sheer fortitude of a single child who managed to shriek for almost 8 hours straight.

Get over it? No, no, I don't think so. Don't take the kid on a plane if you can't manage to keep it quiet for at least the majority of the flight. And, yes, I was a kid once and my parents did not take me on planes or to nice restaurants or movie theaters, etc., until I was able to behave and understand the consequences of not doing so.

all for child-free flights (but not separate sections because that would not help at all) and willing to pay more for them
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