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Subject:  Re: Cancellaton of Tax-free Roth Withdrawals?? Date:  12/1/2010  7:27 PM
Author:  BruceCM Number:  67771 of 78168

I believe the "second half" that a self-employed person pays is deductible from federal income tax, though.

Yes, for those self-employed or partners of a partnership, 1/2 of SE tax is deductible on their personal 1040s above the line.

But to the OP's question: Congress can pass any law or repeal/ammend any existing law they wish, providing it does not violate the fundamental principals of the Constitution. For example, there are currently legal suits challanging the new Health law's requirement that all individuals must have health insurance by a certain date.

But it is highly unlikely that the promises of non-taxable Roth earnings upon a qualified withdrawal will be resended for Roth accumulated