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Subject:  Re: Lost Decade Recap Date:  12/8/2010  8:08 PM
Author:  Rocannon Number:  4910 of 5232

That means I save less and go have more adventures now.

I hear you. But it's hard to reconcile that with a full time job. I don't know about you, but I "only" get 3 weeks of vacation a year (my understanding is that for the US, this is quite generous), which makes it difficult to do the kind of fun stuff I'd like. E.g. I enjoy traveling, but it's so expensive, time-consuming, and exhausting, that it's hard to justify going on a lengthy voyage just for one week of vacation.

I've also put off a lot of stuff that I thought I would do "when I have time later." For example, I enjoy rock climbing, but I've only been a few times. In fact I have a whole list of skills I'd like to learn, but don't have the time because work is pretty consuming. It's hard to muster enthusiasm for piano practice after working all day.

This is fundamentally the reason why I think of quitting before I'm really there in terms of funds. As I get older, I've experienced more health issues, and it seems likely things will only get worse in this respect. I may not have as much time to enjoy the things I always intended to do "later on, when I have time."

I wish I could find work that paid 1/2 what I make now, where I could work for half the year. I think I could make that compromise. But you never hear about that.

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