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Subject:  Re: Lost Decade Recap Date:  12/16/2010  8:24 PM
Author:  fredinseoul Number:  4924 of 5232

I've been meaning to respond, but had to organize the data. Still don't have it all, but . . .

The decade wasn't lost for me at all. I went from being in debt and having a small bit of money in the 401K to owning two houses, the 401K is healthy, a cash position that bothers me, and stock funds/stocks outside of the 401K.

The cash position bothers me because I'd rather have it in something that will generate more than 1.8% return. OTOH, I have a fairly good safety net. That is worth something. I'm still putting a bit more in cash each payday.

The only debt I have now is on the second house. We are renting it out now. So we have some return on the whole deal, but still have the mortgage that is being serviced. It shoud turn out to be a good deal in a few years.

Net worth is over the $500,000 mark and is growing steadily. I managed to invest almost 30% of my income for the last four or five years and have only dropped below that because of the house. Still doing over 20%. That will ramp up after the summer, if my job situation firms up.

FIRE is still likely, but not when I wanted it. I suspect I've had to add about two years to my plan.

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