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Subject:  Re: Choosing Simplicity - book Date:  12/22/2010  10:36 PM
Author:  mazske Number:  4933 of 5232

Remember to spend a little bit of money just for fun. One thing I have sadly learned over the past few years is that a lot of my peers are not making it past their early 40's due to various illnesses.

Ah, this is so important. Life is NOT all about FIRE or saving and/or making as much as possible. I have tried to dedicate my life to not only being a great husband and father, but I have tried to positively impact thousands of young people as well so hopefully they will go on to have great lives.

And, above that, we have to learn to live the best life we can. That does require spending money to enjoy life.

As an example, I recently purchased an expensive Temper-Pedic Cloud mattress. I could have bought one for much, much less. Yet, this mattress is the best I've ever slept on and it has improved my day to day life through the improvement of my nightly sleep. And, it's also fun just to lay on for a minute or two to drain away any stress I may be having.

Find good friends you can talk to. Love your family. Try to help others in some fashion when you can. Don't live for money, but do try to make money to make your life easier. Enjoy what you have, live below your means and try to save for tomorrow.

One of my goals is to live for today, to cherish my memories of yesterday and to plan for tomorrow.

Life can be tough and it can be a struggle. We are all in this boat together. Let's all try to make it the best world we can.

A saying I came up with a few years ago is this.

Smiles help the world to continue spinning in a positive direction.

So, smile a bit more, love life, smell the flowers, and try to help someone each and every day.

In the meanwhile, also plan to FIRE as you can better enjoy life when you can chose to work if you want, not when you have to work in order to live.
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