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Subject:  Re: Poll: Social Security Strategy Date:  12/30/2010  9:46 PM
Author:  Goofyhoofy Number:  28612 of 117708

Once upon a time, not that long ago, Goofyhoofy used to do a masterful job in attacking the ideas of those he disagreed with.

Unfortunately, now he seems to merely attack the people he doesn't like in a rather belligerent fashion.

I tire of morons who pervert history and who are destroying this country.

The idea that telegraph posts such asinine tripe as "Bill Clinton went to sleep on terrorism" when there is substantial evidence to the contrary, written and documented by the very people who were involved at the time simply makes me angry. It should make you angry too, but it does not, because he worships at the same altar as you: if a Democrat does it, it's bad, if a Republican does it, it's good.

No wonder every discussion with you ends up in the crapper. You are unable to evaluate evidence, preferring poorly written tomes, published by self-serving firms with a pre-ordained agenda. You insulate yourselves in a tiny cocoon, listen only to the echo chamber, and then pop-up like a bad penny, full of yourselves thinking you have discovered something, when it is only the bad odor of worthless ideas, endlessly bounced around by not-very-bright folks and regurgitated en masse until you all collapse in a paroxism of orgiastic excess.

I'm not attacking "the person". I'm attacking all persons who are participating in this wholesale destruction of evidentiary analysis, who believe we should invade non-threatening countries because of non-existent WMD's, even when boots-on-the-ground tell us they don't exist, who complain about fictitious reports of uranium sales and then damage our national security by outing CIA operatives to destroy them, who criticize the efforts of the 90's, which were significant, and then gloss over the substantial failures of the following administration, which finally and belatedly woke up only when buildings came crashing to the ground and thousands of innocent Americans were killed.

I'm talking about you, and telegraph, and the rest of your ilk who are so blinded by partisanship that you cannot admit when you are wrong, and who will go to any lengths to justify your sad experience and existence.

There. I feel better. Unfortunately it doesn't last, because all too soon you will be back telling me how great Bush was, or what a Socialist Obama is, or how Death Panels really exist, or some other concocted nonsense as makes you happy - and it will all be false, but you won't care, because you haven't the common decency of a chipmunk.

My only salvation is that others know it too, and while you may continue to bray as the animal of that particular affection does, it won't change the actual facts, for which you have such little regard and with which you play so dishonestly.

It's not about "you." It's about what you do. Happy now?

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