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Subject:  Re: How warm was 2010? Date:  12/31/2010  9:41 PM
Author:  warrl Number:  547323 of 876336

Even the incoming chair of House energy & commerce committee used to be a climate change he is a denier.

The odd thing here is that the more you recognize the amount of climate change in the data, the more firmly you are classified a "denier".

Climate has been changing pretty much continually for about 4.5 billion years on this planet. The warming that occurred from about 1890 to about 1940 and then from about 1970 to about 1998 were just part of a trend that is now about 500 years old, exceptional in neither the rate of warming nor the warmth achieved. The cooling between those two warming periods is also entirely typical. It's too early at this point to say if the cooling since 1998 is just another couple-decade cooling period within the several-century warming trend, or the beginning of a several-century cooling trend such as happened from circa 1000 AD to circa 1500 AD, or the beginning of the next glaciation within the current ice age. All three possibilities are consistent with our knowledge of climate change over the past couple million years.

And because I ACKNOWLEDGE THE TRUTH of climate change as a perfectly ordinary event and of recent changes not being distinguishable from prior changes through examination of the data, I am a "denier".

If I start panicking about how the past century of steady warming (which did not happen - it was actually quite unsteady, with the actual warming periods accounting for about 140% of the net warming that occurred over the century) is unprecedented in both the rate (ignoring the data of past periods of warming) and the temperature achieve (ignoring the data of past warm periods), and so obviously human-caused (ignoring the fact that according to the data, the alleged causal mechanism has FOLLOWED, rather than preceded, the alleged effect) -

- basically, if I choose to DENY REALITY - then I am not a "denier".
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