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Subject:  Re: How warm was 2010? Date:  1/1/2011  7:37 PM
Author:  Conehead Number:  547425 of 876033

You cannot change a conservative's mind

Yeah, because the other side is so much more receptive to opposing viewpoints and willing to change their beliefs accordingly.

Change "conservative" to "ideologue" or "partisan" and I'd agree with you. But by singling out one side, your colors are showing. And yes, the same is true for those who use an equally broad brush with the word "liberal."

I don't buy this at all. All the "the left is the same as the right, Maddow is the same as Limbaugh, Stewart the same as Beck" rhetoric just defies all evidence.

You can absolutely change a Liberal's mind. To the point of fault.

Get fifty Republicans in a room and have Beck tell them that the sky is not blue, but is in fact green. They will adamantly agree with him. Not only that, but they will all agree on the exact shade of red and exactly why the whole "the sky is blue" meme is a liberal plot.

And you cannot change their minds. Any photographic evidence to the contrary will be dismissed, and any reporting on from the mainstream media dismissed as a hoax. Scientists who suggest the sky is blue will lose government grants and billions of dollars will be spent on "alterative sky research" to prove the sky is green. Ten years from now, the Republicans will all still believe the sky is green and they will have in fact saturated the media with such a unified talking point strategy that the average American will also believe the sky is green.

Get fifty Democrats in a room and have Stewart tell them that the sky is not blue, but is in fact green. None of them will agree with each other. Some will agree with Stewart. Some will insist that it is blue. But they will all leave the room in a heated debated about it. Within a week you'll have ten that believe that it is green, ten that believe that it's blue, ten that insist that the color is just an illusion caused by refraction, ten that point out that the sky is black half of the time, and ten (led by Obama) who suggest a compromise between green and blue: perhaps aqua. Nearly everyone will have changed their minds at least once.

Partisanship may not be good on either side, but it isn't the same.

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