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Subject:  Re: New money...suggestions? Date:  1/3/2011  11:16 AM
Author:  symie5 Number:  68054 of 88077

Good points...more info:

I'm 27 years old and, and my time horizon (assuming nothing changes the fundamentals of these companies while I hold them) for this cash is at 5-10 years. I have a high risk tolerance, and enjoy investing primarily in small to mid-cap stocks with decent growth prospects and good cash flow...or anything selling at a discount to its intrinsic value.

LL (in my opinion) is selling at a discount because of its (most recent) hugely disappointing quarter...blamed on a new SAP software implementation which should improve the overall efficiency of the company. Couple that with their rapid growth and decent cash position, and I enjoy the investment immensely.

I have great faith in MKL's management (esp. Thomas Gayner) and their (his) ability to beat the market investing their float over the LOOOOONG term. I wouldn't have any problem holding MKL for 30 years, but hoped to get in under $370 per share, where I see them as a good value (and they currently trade at $380). In the end, I'm not to worried about buying within 3% of my target, though.

I like C because of their rapidly changing (for the better) balance sheet, and believe they will reinstate their dividend by 2012...government unloaded their stake, institutional buyers stepping in...

I like AKAM for their growth prospects and cash position, but feel they may have a pull back before the next runup. (haven't done a tremendous amount of DD there, but one for my watchlist)

I like YUM because of their cash position, overseas growth, dividend growth, and market position.

Perhaps one of my biggest problems in investing is that I don't focus heavily on diversification, but rather tend to view each security by essence how good I feel about holding individual stocks without seeing them as a group of investments in an overall portfolio. This haphazard strategy has served me well so far (though I've only been investing for ~5 years), but I feel like I should perhaps be a little more cautious and methodical with my money.

Are there any stocks you have your eyes on which would be a decent fit in my portfolio, or any changes in allocation any of you might suggest to adjust my existing holdings.?
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