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Subject:  Should I pay into Social Security, or...? Date:  2/1/2011  7:32 PM
Author:  brokenrob43 Number:  252 of 315

Hello everyone. I'm new here. Looking for advice.

I am a musician in a rock band. We have formed an LLC and we are given a monthly stipend (30k/yr). We operate mostly in the red, and only survive through investments from a wealthy relative of one of the band members.

Anyway, because the LLC operates in the red, as my tax guy says, I don't owe any taxes on 4/15, and as such I have not paid social security taxes since 2005.

Well, the love of my life has been getting on my case about the fact that I have no retirement set up at all.

I have very little in my SS, I have no savings, no IRA, no anything. Just a checking account. I live paycheck to paycheck (my only source of money is that $30k/year stipend), and currently would be able to put away $100-$200 a month maybe. I am also looking into getting a side job to stash away even more money, but that's where I am currently.

Take note I am also in my late 30's, and have less than $2000 in cc debt.

Really looking for some beginner financial advice.

1) Should I start putting money into social security? If so, how much and how do i do that?
2) How should I plan for retirement otherwise? IRA? Savings? Mutual Funds? stock portfolio? gold?

I will admit right up front I am a dummy when it comes to saving, so I will take all the financial advice you can throw at me.

Thanks so much
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