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Subject:  Re: I'm Confused... Date:  3/2/2011  4:23 PM
Author:  0x6a74 Number:  30677 of 116390

I was looking for a board about ideas on how to retire early. I went to one board - can't recall - FIRE?? It was a bunch of old Republicans grumping about everyone who wasn't old, male and white. With lots of politics.

So I came here - it seems to be PA-lite. With grumpy Republicans.

What exactly is this board about? I mean, when it is on-topic.

Is it ever on-topic?

bizarre isn't it
(though ,imo, "grumpy repubs" is rather charitable)

what seems to have happened...

"retire early" is a rather limited topic ..only so much you can say and not much left for day-to-day
so lots of other boards, the original (other) RE board evolved into a more social board ... just that it somehow attracted the most rabid and delusional reactionaries at TMF (makes the Conservatives look almost liberal)

so ..... someone (i forget who) felt that a newbie looking at that board for RE info, who was to the left of GlenBeck, would see it as a 'hostile environment' and created this board for 'liberals'

but ... several of the original RE wackos (NTTAWWT!!) felt the need to come here .. god only knows why /what they think they're accomplishing

in a rational Universe, they'd be ignored as 'trolls' .. but that's not the Universe we live in.

so you say, the other RE has become a further right Con Fools and this a PA-lite .. 5 days out of seven, utterly worthless.

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